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Where to find OZONE GENERATOR in Framingham / Hudson

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Ozone is effective against Coronavirus, click the links below for proof:

Report #1 - Click here

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Report #3 - Click here

Ozone destroys odors, it does not just cover them up.
Ozone will kill or deactivate mold, milder, fungus, bacteria virus and germs
Flooded areas should be dried out with dehumidifiers, blowers and air scrubbers before using an ozone generator

What is Ozone & How Does It Work?
Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring substance found in nature that we cannot live without. Ozone is an activated form of Oxygen (O2) with three atoms where regular oxygen has two. Ozone in the upper atmosphere filters out harmful rays from the sun without which all life on earth would cease to exist.

Closer to home ozone is produced by lightning in thunderstorms. I'm sure you have experienced the freshness in the air after a storm. Ozone is very unstable and has an average half-life of 20 minutes, this is why ozone must be produced at the point of use and cannot be stored in a container for later use. Ozone will cast off its third atom onto any other organic element thereby oxidizing it or converting it to another substance.

In the case of odors it will convert a foul-smelling substance into a non-odorous substance naturally with no unhealthy chemicals to buy, store or use. Once ozone has done its job it converts back to oxygen. Ozone will also deactivate and destroy molds, bacteria, virus, fungus, and mildew.

Our ozone generators use a corona discharge technology know as "SP-ARC" which is formally known as Silicate Polarized Arc. SP-ARCallows the ozone generator to produce much higher levels of ozone with little or no maintenance.

How Long Do I need to use an Ozone Generator?
The typical guideline is to determine the cubic footage of an area and divide by 100 to give you the number of minutes the Ozone Generator should run for.

As an example, a 20x40 area with a height of 8 feet would be 6,400 cubic feet (20x40=800, 800x8=6400) The ozone generator should run for about an hour (6400/100=64 minutes)

Size: 13" x 9" x 6"
Weight: 7 lbs. 9 oz.
Timer: 12 Hour with Hold
Generator: "SP-ARC" Silicate Polarized Arc
Fan: 100 CFM ABEC #5 Bearings
Ozone Output: 1500 Milligrams Per Hour
Primary Volts / Amps: 110 / 1
Secondary Volts / Amps: 14000 / .35 ma
Cycles: 50 / 60
Case Material: Anodized Aluminum .060 / 14GA
Finish: Textured Coating

Plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet and uses only 1 amp
Some sample uses of an Ozone Generator
Remove the smell of smoke from a room
Cars can be odor free
Fire and water damage companies use ozone
Sellers can remove odors their homes. A smelly house is hard to sell
Paint odor can be removed
Get rid of the smelly and unhealthy VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) put off by new carpet
Deodorize draperies and upholstered furniture
Boats can be kept odor, mold, and mildew free
Allergy sufferers can live in a purified environment free from mold, mildew, spores, VOCs, fumes, etc.

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* Please call us with any questions you may have about our ozone generator in Framingham & Hudson Massachusetts, serving MetroWest and Middlesex County since 1874.


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